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Went to a fair.... rode the ring of fire 50 times....
I swear to god I almost died XD
Ok so not died but you know...... whatever XP

So I feel genrally crappy today from that. All lightheaded and stuff like that!

Another music video tot he song "Life is a highway" by Rascal flatts
Its Kingdom hearts

Got to update again.

Does anyone know what tommorow is? 

666 .... we are all going to DIE!!!! 6th month of the 6th day and the year is 06 o.0
I'm gonna hide! and my friends are insisting on dragging me along to see the Omen..... yeah, I'm gonna die. I believe in evil stuff like 666 and stuff like that. Maybe I play to many horror games? 

Yeah ... I gotta stop playing Fatal Frame. I just beat 3 and the crawling women is still etched in my mind.

and on a happy note? I finished another KH music video.

To the song "Dark chest of wonders " By Nightwish.

An Axel/Roxas video ^_^

Ok, another of my music video posts. Don't you just love them XD
no, your probably sick of them by now but you know what, I DON'T CARE ^_^

so here is my latest Axel/ Roxas Yaoi video that I did for a friend as a request. My computer decided to break while I was making it and I swear I almost threw it against a wall >.< 


My leg

I think I broke my ankle.....
 I fell into a hole and I heard it crack. Its all puff.... donno if I should go to the hospital or not. Think I'll just ice it.


it's Demyx from Kingdom hearts, a music video I made XD 
Trust me, just watch it ^_^

Finally updated my icon journal ^_^

Woah, i haven't updated my icon journal in forver but here it is ^_^

Kingdom hearts Icons

Total: 15

Riku/Sora: 3

Sora/Roxas: 1

Roxas: 2

Axel: 3

Riku: 3

Sora: 1

Kairi: 1

Larxene: 1




-no editing

-don't claim as your own



((more at my icon journal .....))
You know what I'm gonna rant about today?
Friggin' boys!

Right now I have about .....**runs off to count** ...... 5 boys who like me. I've heard they do from my friends and other boys talking about girls (Since most of my friends are guys. They talk about guy stuff around me so i don't care)

But its just ...GRRRR....
One boy sees me hanging around another and they just try to yank me away from the other. I don't even like any of the boys that like me back!


So I may try to go to the movies over the weekend with Peter, Andy and Kaitlyn.
(at least I have two guy friends that don't like me ^_^ )
We may go see scary movie 4.

Well, thats about it. Oh, I also started Kingdom hearts on proud mode..... still its pretty easy. (If your a member of any kingdom hearts communities then you've probably seen my comments on how easy the game is XD)

i also made my first Sora riku slash video


very proud of it, but it has spoilers in it, so don't watch unless you finished KH2

Bye now ^_^


Woot I got a youtube account!

that means no annoying rapidshare to download my music video's

Currently I have 2 Fatal frame music video and 1 Peter Pan 2003 music video ^.^

So now all my newest music video will be posted at my you tube (Link bellow)


I have decided to make my journal:

you must comment to be added, but i ask a few things first ^.^
1.add me to your friends list first
2.tell me why you should be added
3comment on my entries once in awhile please
thats it really ^.^ much <33