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Deep Dive

2 April
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Here Is everything you need to know about me (but trust me..... There really isn't that much to tell XD)
*I'm 15 years old
*I have Brown hair, blue eyes, and im very skinny
*I'm a sophmore at high school
*Im a Gymnast
*Im a girl gamer and Damn proud of it!
*Im in love with Jeremy Sumpter XD
*Peter Pan, Kingdom hearts, and Fatal Frame ROCK SOX! They are the greatest things ever created
*The sims are my best friends
*I'm obsessed with Dance Dance Revolution

Thats it. Pathetic? yup I know.
But if your Rad, You'll add me to your friends list ^_^

my favorite members in order
1.Axel (I love pyromaniacs XD)
2.Demyx (pfth... come on.... he's just cool!)
3.Roxas (Such cuddley Emoness ^_^)
4.Larxene (Come on, shes the only girl, she deserves her credit)
5.Zexion (there really is just something about him ....)
6.Xemnas (He's the superior! you must all bow to his will!)
7.Marluxia (Petal boy XD ... nuff said)
8.Xigbar (I love that accent! its just ...wow... so cool!)
9.Saix (He's just sooo .... Phsyco!!123!!)
10.Luxord (Gambling is fun ^_~)
11.Vexen (.... Phsyco scientist.....)
12.Xaldin (He scares me a bit, but I do love that hair ^_^)
13.Lexeaus (....He's just too damn big for me, I'm scared of big people)

What Organization XIII member are you? Find out Here!

I'm Demyx.... ^_^ very true!

Check out some of my music videos


Includeing my now famous "Demyx sings the Happy song" XD

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